2009 May New York Tribal & Textile Arts Show

Written by Michael Auliso and republished here with his permission.

Unfortunately, all Images have been lost

This year the tribal show was not firing on all cylinders.  Many noteworthy dealers elected not to exhibit mostly due to the deepening economic slump.  Their spaces were filled with lesser known dealers.  The promoters made a fierce and noble effort to make the show even happen this year.  Despite heavy odds they managed to maintain the show’s upscale image even while cutting back on food and beverage service opening night.

As was the case last year, the show was overshadowed by the Sotheby’s auctions, reducing the tribal show to a footnote.  In its second year at its new location, sadly attendance is problematic. 

Ironically because of the reduced competition among dealers in the room this  year, those selling finer quality objects seemed to flourish.

All that said, collectors who stayed home missed a golden buying opportunity! Americans are spending less and saving more money.  I didn’t exhibit this year but attended the show and bought very well. 

Billionaire contrarian investor Warren Buffet once said “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy then others are fearful”.  The same is true for the art market.  “When the opportunity presents itself, act quickly and seize the day.”  It’s a great time to add to your collection, prices are reasonable, dealers are working with customers on terms, and often selling their best pieces to tempt buyers.