Catalogue Inscriptions & Labels

The Oceanic Art Society has a very interesting program with the aim of cataloging all catalogue inscriptions and labels.

The best place to find the latest version of the documents is right here

I have added the latest versions of the pdf files in the links below
please take a look and who knows you might identify a label or inscription in your own collection.

Catalogue Inscriptions & Labels – 5th edition – Collections Database of (mostly) unobvious catalogue inscriptions on and labels attached to Oceanic artworks in private collections. … h-edition/

Picture Survey of Inscriptions and Labels – 5th edition … h-edition/

There are still a lot of inscriptions and labels that are as of now unidentified, perhaps we can change that?

Another great resource is the Facebook group “Tribal Arts Label Directory”that can be found here:

Come and join our Tribal art identification topic on the forum

Our forum is now open to anyone who has an ethnographical item or object that he or she want to have identified. please register on our forum and go to the What is it? (Object identification) section. Make a new post with your images and as much information as possible and we will try and get this identification solved.

If you rather keep your items private but would still like to identify an object: please send an email with pictures to

Have nothing to identify? please help us in helping others with their objects and join our forum a place where collectors, academics and scholars can share their knowledge. Inventarisnummer : AM-10-2 Credit line / Met dank aan : Congregatie van de Heilige Geest (CSSp.) CC BY-SA 4.0


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