2006 September Parcours Des Mondes Tribal Fair in Paris

Written by Michael Auliso and republished here with his permission.

This year at the Parcours Tribal Fair there were so many “special exhibits” going on in the various galleries that it is not possible to cover all of them here.  For detailed coverage of these gallery exhibitions see pages 15-20 “Art in Motion” of Tribal Magazine.

We hope you enjoy the following images.

Lance Entwistle, Entwistle Gallery  (5 rue des Beaux-Arts).  Notice the large scale Grebo Mask (Upper right corner)

Galerie Flak, 8 rue des Beaux-Arts

Interior Galerie Flak, Notice the Rare Marquesas Island Figure

Galerie Flak’s Mumuye Exhition

Philippe Ratton at the end of a long day

Galerie Ratton-Hourde’, 11 rue Bonaparte 

Yoruba Art interior side room, Galerie Ratton-Hourde’

Philippe and Daniel Purchased the Serge Trullu Collection of Yoruba Art Devoting their entire gallery to the vast collection

Davide Manfredei with companion, 17 rue des Beaux-Arts

Galerie Afrique’s Exhibition of Ghana Art, 15 rue des Beaux-Arts

Adrian Schlag’s Gallery, 3bis, rue des Beaux-Arts.  This was the most impressive exhibit of Oceanic Art Objects in the Show.  Adrian’s minimalist Gallery had plenty of room to walk around each stunning object studying its execution.  

The Japanese Paparazzi heard that Tribalmania was Exhibiting

Tribalmania, 10 rue des Beaux-Arts, Exhibiting w/ Patrick Morgan

Michael Auliso (Tribalmania)

American Collector Bob Bolin (left) with dealer Patrick Morgan (Right)

Interior of Jacques Germain’s Exhibit (Montreal Canada) located on 5 rue Jacques Callot.  The modern furniture and decor worked beautifully with his African Art!

 Jacques Germain

Jacques Germain’s impressive Fang figure 

This POWERFUL Dayak Guardian Figure belonged to Bruce Frank of New York City.  In our opinion it was one of the most compelling sculptures in the entire show.  Bruce was exhibiting at 11 rue Visconti which was occupied in previous years by Antonio & Ana Casanovas of Arte y Ritual.

This cheerful and stylish lady is Lillian Francois age 93.   She is a retired French dealer of fine Paintings.  She made regular visits into our gallery to say hello.  She is an inspiration to us all and surely a “bright spot” on rue des Beaux-Arts.  Good meeting you Lillian!

Special exhibits

Kevin Conru’s Oceanic Shield Exhibition


(Parcours des Mondes 2006)  Opening night of Kevin Conru’s Oceanic Shield Exhibition.  John Friede standing in the entrance.  Kirby Lewis is sitting on the curb.  I still remember the charged excitement and anticipation of this exhibit!


(Parcours des Mondes 2006)  Opening night of Kevin Conru’s Oceanic Shield Exhibition.    Conru (left) talking to Kirby Lewis who is surely missed in the business.   Kirby no longer sells “wood” but sell alcohol spirits instead.  In hindsight probably a brilliant and timely transition. 


(Parcours des Mondes 2006)  Opening night of Kevin Conru’s Oceanic Shield Exhibition.   John Friede holding court and drinking a Champaign.

Fang Exhibit 2006


Philippe Ratton & Daniel Hourde’ Fang Exhibit 2006


Philippe Ratton & Daniel Hourde’ Fang Exhibit 2006.  A sea of people holding champaign glasses obstruct traffic on Rue Bonaparte and Rue des Beaux-Arts!


(Opening Night)  
Philippe Ratton & Daniel Hourde’ Fang Exhibit 2006.  This was a “tour de force” exhibit of Fang Byeri figures, sourced from their important clients, that can NEVER be duplicated in its scale and splendor ever again.