2006 May New York Tribal & Textile Arts Show

Written by Michael Auliso and republished here with his permission.

Ryan Willis Ancient Art San Francisco

Dave DeRoche with his theme exhibit on “Monumental Miniatures”

Peter Boyd Seattle

David Pusack, Los Angeles and Singapore

Bill Jamieson, Toronto (Bill had a huge booth this time near the front entrance)

Robertson African Arts, New York

Chris Boylan, Sydney

Shinalai Tribal Antiques, Shoreham NY

Alain Lecomte, Paris

Bruce Frank’s Booth, New York (Left Amyas Naegele, Right Bruce Frank)

Myers and Duncan, New York

One of the great joys about exhibiting at these shows is you get to meet many fascinating people.  This flamboyant eighty something woman was one such person.  Here family lived in Kenya when she was a young girl.  At the age of 11 she was attacked and almost killed by a Lion.  The pin you see on her jacket is actually a claw (with gold mount) taken from the Lion who attached her!  The villagers were ordered to hunt and kill the Lion after the incident.