2006 September Los Angeles Asian & Tribal Art Show

Written by Michael Auliso and republished here with his permission.

The Venue

This year Caskey-Lees offered attendees even more with the addition of 6 informative dealer lectures specializing in their fields of expertise.

The Surrounding Beach Area

An early foggy Saturday morning at the Santa Monica Pier

The Dealers

What’s interesting about this show is its distinctive diversity of 61 Tribal and Asian dealers.

Mark Johnson giving a lecture in his booth

Clare Chu of the Asian Art Studio (Los Angeles) discussing Chinese Snuff Bottles

This Enormous Booth of Fine Chinese Antiquities Belonged to Alexander & Alexander of Mira Loma CA

This Water Buffalo Reliquary Box from the Toraja People of Sulawesi Adorned the Show’s Entrance (Courtesy Mark Johnson)

This Booth in the Foyer Featured a Selection of Dayak Women’s Beaded Sun Hats from Borneo.  A Rare Batak Royal Seat from Sumatra is seen in the foreground. (Courtesy Mark Johnson)

Casey Waller of Caravanseri Gallery, Dallas TX

Akanezumiya’s Elegant Booth, St. Ignatius Montana

This Monumental Stone Buddha Graced the Garden Area in the Center of the Show (Courtesy Akanezumiya)

Thomas Murray’s Booth, Mill Valley CA

Thomas Murray’s Booth Continued

James Eddy of Colonial Arts, San Francisco CA

Gary Sprat & Miranda Crimp (far right), Sausalito CA

Jerry Solomon’s Booth, Los Angeles with an Impressive Group of Japanese Masks

Galen Lowe, Seattle Washington

B.C. Dentan, San Francisco

Dimondstein Tribal Arts, Los Angeles

Tribalmania’s Booth 

The overmodeled Crocodile skull in the display case was a favorite among visitors 

Tribalmania (Side wall)