2005 May 11th Photos of the Mark Hotel Exhibit in New York 

Written by Michael Auliso and republished here with his permission.


The Follow are some photos take at our preview party which took place on May 11th 2005 at the five star Mark Hotel in New York City.   Attendance was strong and “The Madison room” was filled to capacity with important guests.  Just four dealers were exhibiting at this exclusive event.   This sales exhibit coincided with the Sotheby’s Tribal Art Auction on the 12th & Native American Auction on the 13th.

Left: Jean Fritts (Sotheby’s), Center: Eric Kjellgren (Oceanic Art Curator Metropolitan Museum of Art), Right: Susan Kloman (Sotheby’s)

Background from Left to Right: Lucien Van de Velde (Antwerp), Claes (Brussels) Daniel Hourde’ (Paris), Carlo Bella (NY), Christine Valluet (Paris), Mark Blackburn (Hawaii), Bernard De Grunne (Brussels)

Exhibitor Alain Naoum (Brussels) and  Daniel Hourde’

Daniel Hourde’, Werner Munsterberger, with friend Celestian 

James Willis (San Francisco) and his Wife Lynn

Joshua Dimondstein

Center: Roland and Edith Flak (Paris)

Exhibitor Patrick Morgan (Paris)

Exhibitor Olivier Klejman and his wife (Paris)

Exhibitor Michael Auliso and Mark Blackburn

Eric Kjellgren (Oceanic Art Curator Metropolitan Museum of Art)