Identifaction large mask

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Identifaction large mask

Post by AandY »

Can anyone tell me something more about this large mask?
Thank you!

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Re: Identifaction large mask

Post by Julien »

Hi AandY,

While your other piece was a fantasy, this piece we would call a fake or a reproduction (made to look old) made also in the last 50 years (probably last 20).
This is supposed to be a Bembe Helmet mask from the Congo (and Tanzania) but unfortunaely yours was probably carved in Cameroon and made to deceive.

Try and visit some museums and buy some good books, It's a long journey to learn, but it is at least a rewarding one, if you want to know more find the Facebook group : Great or Fake? Discovering African Art

Cheers and don't give up, I made so many mistakes when I started (and still do), It's learning money, unfortunately.
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